has OVPL considered charging a levy on wet sales to help build a reserve at a greater rate than forecast to 2028. It doesn’t seem unreasonable to charge a fee of 10% or more of wet turnover as this is linked to the success of the community pub.

I’m not clear how OVPL could cover the costs of any voids or the risk of having to over the pub on a tenancy at will on a heavily discounted rate.  I’ve seen the pub advertised at about £26k per year but there is no indication of wet sales or barrelage figures.  As a comparison the Ickford community pub is also being marketed but does include these figures

This would give some insight as to whether the OVPL is currently “washing its face” or if this share offering will shortly be followed up with a further share offering to keep the pub open.

At what point does the Parish Council step in and cover the lease costs etc.

I’m interested in investing but would appreciate some clarity on the financials of the share offering.

Kind regards


adrian Changed status to publish June 5, 2023